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How to safely operate the lifting belt to lift objects composite strap manufacturers

Many customers asked Xiao Ji how to correctly use the lifting belt, some customers on the hands of the lifting belt have been opened and asked me whether I can make do with it, and some customers asked me without thinking whether 3 tons of lifting belt can lift 4 tons of objects, I will directly say no! Some customers asked me how to correctly operate the lifting belt without being hurt by the lifting objects. This article mainly explains how to safely use the lifting ring lifting belt on our hands. After all, production safety is not a small matter. How you operate the lifting sling is detailed below.composite strap manufacturers

1. The lifting sling should be placed correctly before use. composite strap manufacturers The operator should bind the goods with both hands in a safe and correct way and then hang them on the lifting machine. And the place where the lifting sling is connected with the articles should be stretched flat, so that the lifting belt can carry evenly in the width direction. The lifting sling should not be lap or bent to avoid uneven hand breakage from one side.composite strap manufacturers


2. The lifting belt should ensure that the items are under control when lifting. It can support the objects with both hands, that is, prevent the objects from rotating or colliding, but keep the feet away from the objects; Should avoid instant or impact loading, so as not to increase the force of the lifting belt; The lifting belt should be prevented from being cut, rubbed and worn by the sharp edge of the articles or lifting device; The parts reinforced by protective agent to protect sharp edges and wear damage shall be part of the hoisting belt and shall be arranged in the correct position; Provide additional protection to the part if necessary. Do not hang items for too long with the lifting sling, so as not to affect the tension of the sling and cause secondary damage to the sling.

After the lifting belt manufacturers warm tips, bought home color lifting belt in the use process, please carefully protect, do not arbitrarily placed in the outdoor rainy days or poor environment, such as lifting straps damaged or broken please do not use again, do not allow to exceed the small rated range, to avoid inadvertent operation caused by irreparable loss of life and property.

Post time: Dec-14-2022